What We Offer


  • Products liability (“claims made” basis)
  • Public / Pollution liability (“occurrence” basis)
  • Clinical Trials liability (legal liability or no fault compensation depending on territory)

SUPPLEMENTARY CLASSES (written in conjunction with core classes):

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Incidental Product Recall
  • Incidental Professional Indemnity
  • Incidental / UK Employers’ Liability


  • Primary or “excess of loss” layers
  • Direct or facultative reinsurance
What We Target

An extensive range of pharmaceutical and biotech companies including:

  • Product licence holders
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors/Retailers
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Research and Development entities

Sub-Sectors targeted include:

  • Patented molecules
  • Generic (off patent) drugs
  • Final formulation medicines
  • Over the counter products
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates/catalysts
  • Fine chemicals
  • Nutraceuticals/health supplements
  • Blood fractionators/filtration service providers/blood banks

Pharmaceutical Liability Insurance Pharma Underwriters

Why We're Different

  • Appetite for US exposures including domiciled sales and manufacturing operations
  • Ability to consider US parented companies with up to $150M of US turnover
  • Led by in-house expertise – our team includes ex-professionals from the pharmaceutical industry combined with exceptional underwriting experience
  • Offering the highest quality clinical trials product with the ability to offer coverage in over 100 countries in local languages (where applicable) and market leading policy periods
  • Focus on longevity and depth of relationships with clients and brokers with the ability to back up formally through long term agreements (where appropriate)
  • Ability to cover drugs (even on a “standalone drug basis”) others may exclude through exclusion of their known issues/side effects
Pharmaceutical Liability Insurance Pharmaceutical Liability Insurance Pharma Underwriters

The Team

Daniel Starmer

Director of Life Science Liability

Anthony Wright

Head of Commercial Liability

James Banks

Director of Healthcare