Medical & Commercial International

The liability environment does not stand still. With ever-increasing regulation and more complex litigation it is as important as ever to partner with specialists who both understand the changing landscape and can provide long term tailored solutions.

Medical & Commercial International (MCI) meet this challenge through a team of underwriters experienced in underwriting specialised general & medical liability on an international basis.

Our aim is clear: to provide the highest calibre of liability insurance products to those industries and risks where in-depth expertise is key to adding value.

Syndicate 1902

MCI have received approval from Lloyds Syndicate 1902 to underwrite business with an inception date on or after 1st January 2022.

The MCI Syndicate will underwrite our existing core Medical & Commercial Liability classes as well as launching several new and innovative products which have scientific and research-driven underwriting characteristics.

The vision for Syndicate 1902 is to create a global leader in science and research-led risk transfer with superior returns in evolving risk classes.


Pharmaceutical liability Insurance Pharma Medical Liability Commercial Insurance London UK

Pharmaceutical Liability Insurance

Despite recent economic pressures, the global pharmaceutical industry is forecast to grow significantly over the next 5-10 years.

London based commercial medical device liability insurance Pharma Medical Liability Insurance UK

Medical Device Liability Insurance

The term ‘medical device’ covers a vast range of equipment, from simple tongue depressors to the most sophisticated life-support products.

Medical clinical trial insurance Pharma Medical Liability Insurance UK London clinical pharmaceutical trials

Clinical Trials Insurance

Within the life science industry successful product research is the key to sustaining a meaningful product pipeline.

London based clinical medical malpractice liability insurance Pharma Medical Liability Insurance UK

Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance

New procedures are practiced and trialled every week with standards and expectations higher than ever.

general liability insurance Pharma Medical Liability Insurance London UK clinical trials insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

Whilst the language used in liability risk management has evolved since Dr. Johnson’s era, the dilemma has not.

MCI - independent medical liability underwriters Pharma Medical Liability Insurance UK London Pharmaceuticals trials

Infectious Disease Liability

Typically, we fight off minor infections with no long-term consequences, but these pathogens also have the power to cause potentially devastating outbreaks.